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Process by Which Interested Parties
May Communicate with Board of Directors

Any letter sent to LP’s Board of Directors or to any group of Directors by a shareholder, employee or other interested party that is delivered by certified mail or courier service to LP’s Corporate Secretary at LP’s corporate office, and that contains the name and address of the sender, shall be promptly forwarded to the Chairman of the Board (“Chairman”). If the Chairman, in his or her sole discretion, shall determine that the communication raises an issue that is appropriate for consideration by the full Board, the non-management Directors, the independent Directors, the members of a Board committee or any individual Director, the Chairman shall promptly forward the communication to the appropriate Director or Directors.

Any such letter that is addressed to an individual Director only shall in all events be first forwarded by LP’s Corporate Secretary to that individual Director. If the communication to that individual Director relates to any LP or LP Board matter, rather than to a personal matter of the individual director, the individual Director shall then promptly forward the letter to the Chairman for his or her determination as described above.